Rain, macro photography using the 105mm 2.8


It’s been raining quite a bit the last 2 weeks here. As you can imagine this puts a damper on any plans that has anything to do with the outdoors.

The rain didn’t bother me too much today though. I’m getting the Verizon FIOS installation done at the house so I’m stuck home pretty much all day anyways.

I pulled out the macro lens and dusted it off and shot some close ups around the yard. The rain makes it a little challenging but it wasn’t too bad. It actually defused the lights and made for some decent lighting today.

note: Lens used, my old Nikon 105mm in manual mode. I shot some video with the camera as well and will be putting a clip together soon.

The 105 is not cheap but if you do Macro photography, this is “the” lens. Plus it is one of Nikon’s sharpest lens at any price. Again they have it at Amazon. Amazon is a authorize Nikon dealer so when it says “Sold by Amazon” you can be sure it’s a USA model with a warranty not the “import” gray market Nikon with no warranty. Yes, I have made this mistake and Nikon USA will refuse to repair your “import” product even if you are willing to pay for it. So when you see a crazy low price doing searches make sure it’s a USA model.

Nikon 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor Lens