Spike Wrap installation video, wrap for the power pole or most any fiberglass stake out system


Since the discussion of shallow water stake out systems came up yesterday I figured I do a quick clip of the installation of the Spike Wrap made by Power Pole. When I was over at the B.A.S.S. masters in Orlando a couple weeks ago I bump into one of the PP guy. He knew I had an older power pole and he gave me a Spike Wrap to try out.

The Spike Wrap is basically a big heat shrink. PP customize it to fit the fiberglass part of their power pole. If you ever touch untreated fiber glass after it has been in the sun for a bit you will know that it starts to splinter on you. This is the case not only with power pole but anything that mainly fiberglass. You can probably  use this on the manual stake out poles like Wang Anchor, Stick it Pins and probably the Talon as well.

My friend Josh was over visiting so I recruited him to be the host, thanks Josh, you did awesome buddy!

Cost is $19.00 at JL Marine

Note: all video and stills shot on the Sony Nex Point and shoot camera. Since I didn’t use lights¬† I exposed for the foreground so the background is blown out a bit.

Spike wrap.. very simple.

expose the spike

Cover about 1/2 inch

Final look