Power Pole VS Talon video


Power Pole VS Talon Video

There is a video going around lately on youtube that is stirring up the pot especially in the shallow water anchor world. The video is of a guy showing his disappointment after buying a Minnkota Talon.

He did the test by mounting both units on his boat. Use a stick it pin, to stake out(with a tape measure tied to it)  and drifted away. His conclusion was that the PP stops 5x faster.

PP is no doubt, the dominant force when it comes to powered shallow water anchoring system and their customer service is second to none.(I can attest to this) They have lots of following and on the forums 9 out of 10 responses is basically “I told you so..” and of course the usual forum bantering.

The Talon  side is calling the video out because it seem strange he has both mounted on the same side. He had the talon on a bracket but the PP was on the transom. He was deploying the Talon wrong.  Plus it looks like he just joined youtube just to put up this one video.(no other video) Date Joined: 1.27.2011 date of video: 1.27.2011. Basically they are saying he has an agenda.

Besides the one time at the DOA writer’s event and the video I made at ICAST 2010 in vegas, I have not seen a Talon on or off the water. Since then, I’ve been to Stuart , Vero, Titusville,  Tampa, Florida Keys,Miami, and  Boca Grande. I have not had a chance to use one so I couldn’t tell you either way. If I ever get to check it out on the water I will get you some feed back.

I currently own a 6′ power pole and I’m pretty satisfied with mine.  Not that I’m looking to change, I just love messing with gadgets and trying new things and Talon has added some cool features I want to try out in the real world. On the surface the features are awesome.

Here is the video you be the judge. (note: it is not mine and I do not know this person)


update 4.5.2011: dont’ know why but the video has been taken off of Youtube.


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