Sight-Fishing Carolina Redfish

I had the opportunity to ride down to Charleston yesterday and fish with friends Tucker Blythe ( )& Guitou Feuillebois. We fished an area Tucker had been scouting about an hour south of Charleston. The weather was finally beautiful after several days of wind/rain. I almost forgot what it was like to fish unpressured redfish. We hit a couple of Tuck’s go-to spots and some new areas where birds were working glass minnows. It seemed like every place we stopped we would spot a school of fish before somebody could even climb up on the platform. We ended the day with 15 nice redfish and watched every one of them scarf the fly (thanks to some great water clarity).  There’s a lot of people fishing the shallows these days and increased pressure will eventually shut a school of fish down. Don’t keep wearing-out the same school of fish – keep exploring and trying new areas. Once you find fish that haven’t been repeatedly blasted with cut bait, the pay-off will be totally worth the effort you put into it.

This was the order of the day: step up on the casting platform – hook a fish – then get off the bow and let the next guy lay into one. I’ve definitely never seen so many doubles on fly.