Miami Marina footage of surviving snooks and bonefish, go pro underwater focus issues


January 2010 in Florida the temperature got near or bellow freezing for 10 days.  This created a fish kill for our tropical species of fish the likes of which I have never witness.  The result was the closure of snooks. The West coast of Florida remains closed but the East coast is now open to normal harvest regulations.

Thankfully we did not get another severe winter this year. Winter is almost over and things are looking better and better as time goes by.

This was shot with a gopro at a marina down in Miami during the cold spell. The water is crystal clear because it was so cold all the algae in the water died. You can see pods of stun snook and a bone fish clinging on.

note: Go pro underwater focus issues. Due to the curve underwater(over the lens) housing of the  gopro when you take videos with it underwater it tends to focus on the lens and not what you are pointing at. I understand they are coming out with a fix for this very soon.

If you can’t wait, eye of mine currently has a modified housing for better underwater footage using the go pro. They run $79-$99.

GoPro HD Motorsports HERO Camera

This was NOT shot with the corrective lens.