Salty Fly 2011 updates


The Salty Fly tournament is only 3 weeks away. I’m starting to get the tournament bags together and getting the final details down.

My friend Brad Leber was over today and helped me make the captain’s bags up. Thanks Brad.

So far in the bag we got: (still more stuff to come like Salty Fly Micro Fiber shirts and skinny water culture trucker hats, fly boxes from Flint Creek, and Tampa Bay on the Fly)

You can check the tournament page out if you want more frequent update on the tournaments.

The last few days I got in the 8 wt TFO BVK, and the Galvin Fly Reel. These are to be raffled off at the tournament.

Bass pro was cool, enough to give me a bunch of bags to use for the captain’s bags.(thanks Rich)

Galvin “Salty Fly” Engraved Fly Reel arrived.

Salty Fly Micro Fiber by Red Zone Apparel