Pig Fest 2011 in Lakeland Florida with Rod Gray of Pellet Envy


Award winning Brisket by Rod Gray.
PigFest 2011 in Lakeland Florida. I was over at the Lakeland Pigfest this weekend hanging out with Josh and the competition BBQ guys. Rod Gray of Pellet Envy was cool enough to talk to us the time we were there. I did not realize BBQ was this intense of competition. I mean these guys got everything down to a science.

The really serious guys don’t even sell their food at these competition. They just go there cook, let the judge taste it and leave for the next competition. Needless to say I did get to eat the competition level BBQ. I have to say, it is night and day between what they are giving to the judges and what we are getting at the local restaurants. I think I’m completely spoiled now when it comes to BBQ.

I also met a couple other guys from the PItmaster TV Show, Johnny Trigg and Tuffy from cool smokes.