25 feet poling skiff?


Flat’s Fisher 25′

I first bump into Clint over at last Year’s Miami Boat show. We were at the Hellsbay booth checking things out. He came up to me and told me he was a big fan of the website and thought it was cool. I thanked him for visiting. He then mention some projects he had been working on. One was a stripping basket but the other was a 25′ poling boat/skiff. My reaction was the typical “wow! really?”. After that I didn’t think much of it.

To my surprise last week I got an email from Clint about his boat. He reintroduced himself and included his website. Sure enough the website shows a 25′ boat being poled.

Yes I repeat, a 25′ Poling skiff prototype boat. I would imaging it rides really really well and poles great. My only concern is the turning and of course the obvious effort of actually poling into the wind current etc.

I guess I will have to wait to check it out. Best of Luck with the project Clint!

Not much information on the website but he said there is more to come: www.flatsflyer.com

You can read more about it, from the builder/designer here.