Little Habana, Cuban Cafe in Riverview Florida


Little Habana Cafe has been open in my area of almost  a year now. It took the place of a really tasty Caribbean joint called Christine, which I hated to see go. For ethnic foods that was close to my house Christine was one of my favorites. Especially the goat there. 🙂

Today after some driving around Hank and I decided to try the place out. A small place located right off the interstate (I-75) in the typical shopping plaza. The interior was well lit and the decor was nicely done.  The place was clean and they greeted us right away as we walked in.

Looking at the menu, they had the typical yellow rice and chicken etc. But what caught my eye was the Ox tail. This is a very good dish that can only be found in the deepest areas of ethnic group. I was surprise to see this on the menu here.

Having Ox tail on the menu however, hinted that the  food would be authentic, not a watered down version of Cuban food. I ordered the ox tail and my friend Hank ordered the fried pork. They came with two sides. I picked the rice and plantains.   The food came out fairly quickly. The plating was plain but no complaints from me. After all, the pricing was fair with the average dinner dish being about $10.00-12.00 and lunch a little cheaper.

Besides the rice being a tad on the dry side, the food was good especially the main dish. We were asked several time if we needed anything so I have to say the service was very good as well. We got out the of there with total tab of $24.00 for two people and drinks.  Not too bad for good authentic Cuban fare. It’s definitely worth a try if you are ever in the area and feel the need for some good ethic eats.


Tel 813-672-5111 Fax 813-672-7576

Photo notes: All photos shot with Sony NEX.

Hank about to chow down on his fried pork

One of my favorite Dish is the spice Ox tail stew (Robo Encendido)