Where in the Hell is Matt?


This has absolutely nothing to do with fishing or photography. It does however has to do with the spirit of travel and adventure. It is also uplifting in a way. Every time I see this video I somehow feel a bit inspired. I posted this a couple years ago and ran across it again recently and I thought I would share it once again.

In 2003 Matt was a video game designer working in Australia. He lost his job and decided to take the savings that he had and traveled the world on a budget. He posted a video of himself dancing a different locations around the world for family and friends. Somehow it caught on a became viral and ended up with millions of views.

Stride gum took noticed, decided to get Matt to do it again.. very cool story.

You can read all about it on his website: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com

If the world does have a common thread, it is song and dance.

The news story what is Matt doing these days.