Best BBQ Ribs I have had in a long time, Lakeland PIG FEST 2011


I haven’t been making any updates these past few days. Mainly it is because I was out of town for like four days. That would only make sense right?

I’m back the rest of the week. I will send out all the Saltyshore stickers I got orders for last week. Of course always trying to catching on emails.

Today, I was over in Lakeland talking wedding photos with Josh and Krystal. Before I had been over there Josh tells me he could do a mean BBQ.  As many of you know, I’m a BBQ fan and I don’t take statements like that very lightly.  To be honest with you, I kinda was thinking “yeah, .. ok”.  Not that I though Josh was making it up but I’ve just been let down many times when it comes to highly recommended BBQ places.

When I walked into the house I was pleasantly surprised to see that Josh had took the time to smoked some ribs and turkey.  When I walked outside Josh showed me his pro level infra red grill then the high end digital timer/thermometer pellet smoker, I had a feeling he was serious.

Then the guy started naming off temperature levels and all the logistics behind infra red cooking wave lengths.  Now I’m thinking, these things better be good or he spent all this money for nothing. 🙂

The rack of ribs looked great sitting on the table but I was still hesitant to give him the nod. I warned him I was pretty blunt when it comes to food opinion. Josh cut off a piece of ribs and Krystal took the first bite and said it was full of deliciousness.  However I have been here before. After all, she is his wife, what was she to say?

I grabbed the 2nd piece of rib and took a bite at the fatty end. Juicy, yes,…dry rub, yes, ..good flavor,yes.. evenly cooked yes, not dried out, yes… tender but not too tender, yes.  This rib was now officially awesome!  I gave props where it was due and Josh was not lying when he told me he can cooked some excellent BBQ!

We chowed down, with some of Krystal’s greens, BBQ beans and some very flavorful moist,  smoked turkey. Thanks guys for one of best BBQ  meals I’ve had in years!

Speaking of BBQ Josh tells me about a huge BBQ festival this weekend in Lakeland Florida called “PIG FEST“. Jan 28-29th. 2011. This is suppose to be the best BBQ show in Central Florida. I”m gonna do my best to attend this on Saturday. If you love BBQ you might want to consider attending.  .. dam I’m hungry again just talking about it. 🙂

Sunset shot I pulled over to take on the drive home.

Our host and master BBQ  chef Josh…