in pursuit of istiophorus albicans………….

While many of the wintery days across the country are less than appealing, our harsh days of winter are characterized by dreadful temperatures of barely sub 65 degrees and the occasional rain drizzle. Of course it is no wonder every single person over the age of 65 that willfully refuses to drive over 30 mph flocks to our southern peninsula annually like waterfowl. As a Miama cracker (as my grandma used to say) this among many other items frustrates me immensely, yet it is what drives our local economy and has been a part of this state’s heritage much longer than my days, so who the hell am I to complain……….despite the fact I could bitterly express my aggravation for hours such efforts are fruitless so I will digress to the fishing, after all it is the fishing that makes this most wonderful metro magical.

While my recent days on the water have been limited, I have tried to make the best of what mother nature has provided with respect to the weather. Many of these days find us out in the deep, bobbing around like drunken seagulls, looking for the infamous Pinocchio. Much like the seasonal blue hairs, these fish also enjoy the warmer water and prolific fine dining our local waters provide. So seasonally a few months a year they grace our presence in respectable numbers to remind us what a wonderful sportfish they truly are. The visual eats, aerobatic displays, and pure speed are nearly unparalleled by many other targeted sportfish. At recorded speed of 68.18 mph they are the fastest fish in the sea………………….no wonder millions are spent in attempt to catch these wily bastards.

Unfortunately for them they are creatures of habit and with a little bit of knowhow and quite a bit of effort they can easily be caught, even by guys like me………..

The morning rides out can provide a certain perspective of how big this city truly is…..

and in a short boat ride you can pull off a few bites……

then there are those mystery bites where the float comes down and your tight but nothing is happening………your thinking sail, buddies are yelling bonita, then the fish shakes its head down deep, the guys are still taunting you. Then Mr. Mystery fish shows

wish this was full frame and sharp……….

turns out sometimes circle hooks do what they are supposed to…….

presumably with the abundant use of circle hooks, the removal of long lines off our coast, and the catch and release tactics of most, many fish get to fight another day. Sometimes its a little more obvious they have been caught in the past…….first caught tagged fish in a long while

don’t be fooled by these trash bag lookalikes…………..they are generally quite pissed off

I would like to recognize my ‘ol buds off the Reel Tight, Fly, Joe, Eddie, Bossman and crew…..on their incredibly amazing day this week catching 58 sails for over 80 bites! Only to stop fishing because they ran out of bait. And FYI this happened right off Broward County not Mexico, not Costa Rica. Good god damn fellas super tight work.

Still remains not such a bad spot to call home I guess…………….