Fishing Panama with poppers and jigs revisited


The interest from the “Fishing Panama with Sebile Lures” has been very good. It rose to the top ten thread (on the left) almost immediately and has stayed there.  Not to mention the emails and phone calls I got asking more details about the trip.

The most popular question is obviously how much it cost and what’s included.

Here is another no frills, no beating around the bush write up on Panama fishing travels.

On Oliver Fishing Panama The pricing is based on Euros’ not US dollars.(though when you are over there everything is based on US dollars, Oliver has lots of European clients)

The current price is $2700.00 euros conversion to US is dollar is $3600.00 us dollars per person(2 anglers)

For 6 days of fishing near shore and offshore waters of Panama. This comes out to $600.00 per person per day. So $1200.00 per day however this includes:

  • Sit down Breakfast, Box lunch, 3 course dinner everyday
  • Taxi from airport to first night hotel
  • hotel cost for that one night in Panama City
  • Taxi from Hotel to airport to fly out to David
  • Airfare from Panama City to David, Panama
  • Lodging for the trip in AC rooms (not an eco lodge with no AC)
  • Best part: Camping trip on a tropical island as part of the trip.(I wish we could have stayed here an extra day)

Oliver makes all the phone calls to the airlines, taxi,  and hotels to arrange all this for you so the logistics for the most part, is care free.  Basically the only thing that it does not include is your airfare to Panama.

This may sound expensive but if you compare the prices with an offshore trip in the stated it is a good deal in my opinion. It’s not something most people can afford everyday, but if you’re into fishing it is an awesome vacation to save up for. The current price in the states for a full day offshore trip is about $1000.00. Of course this does not include, Foods, drinks, airfare, transportation or lodging etc.

Here are more photos from the trip showing more the lodge. The room we stayed in is small but comfortable. It had a comfortable bed with  AC, bath room with showers and toilet. The dinning room/lounge area is right outside your door with plenty of room to hang out and do you rigging. Oliver had this built to his specification and it came out pretty efficient.

It is definitely not a “Club Med” resort type deal but if you’re there just for the fishing it’s more than comfortable. There is a pool, jacuzzi, therapy rooms, night clubs or bar and lounge on premise. But you are also not part of a big mass of tourist  group fishing with a hired captain that is just there for the paycheck either.  Oliver owns and operate the small lodge with his wife Susie so effort is put into making your enjoy your stay.

Coolest part of the trip: We camp on an island and slept on the beach. Fishing that day was within 3 miles of the island. Tuna’s, snappers, jacks super cool.