Fly Fishing in Saltwater magazine IPAD edition review


The 100th anniversary of Fly Fishing in Saltwater magazine is now out on the newsstand. With this issue, they have also made an IPAD edition. Since 2 of my videos are in here I decided to download it and do a little review of the app itself.

Fly Fishing in Saltwater IPAD APP

The app itself is free but every issue is $2.99. This kind of works like the Kindle app. The app is free but the books cost a couple bucks.

You select the month that you want to buy(there’s only one right now) and it downloads it completely to your IPAD. When I say complete I mean, articles, photos, and videos. This way once you download it, you do not need internet connection to read, or play the videos. Everything is included. You will not be going through tons of advertising either. At least for this issue I did not see any advertising.

The download time takes a while but it’s well worth it. You can read it anywhere because everything is self contained. The Interface is intuitive and easy to use. If you ever read an online ezineĀ  this is a no brainer.

Fly tying articles “The Tarpon Bug” has a how to video attached.

The Matlacha Baby Tarpon article also has a video.

Here is a video review of the app.