What a HardCore year in 2010, Now bring it on 2011!

Happy New Year’s to all!.. I haven’t had the most stellar year in fishing, but this year I met new fellow anglers with the same addiction!!. Thanks in part to being part of the HardCore Kayak Anglers Club and Saltyshores!

2010 was a phenomenal year for some quality fish being caught. Camaraderie was the biggest thing I learned and being part of a group that shares the same passion is best to none.

Well to finish off the year a few of the crew and I headed out for some “Slobber Knockers.” What we like to refer Bull reds as. It was bitter cold, but we managed a few. I’m not going to write much, but just let the photos of fish say it all and I also did a VLOG of our excursion.

Thank you Sam and Saltyshores!. 2011 ……. FISH ON!!!!!!

Here is the VLOG… some language may not be suitable. This is Raw, nothing fancy.

Quick edit here. Nik made this Video as well..Freaking Awesome!… Thanks Brotha!