Banana River Solo Mission and some photos from Louisiana & Tampa Bay

With a busy week lined up with charters next week, I’ve been exploring some waters to see if I can find some consistent fish. On Christmas day I decided to check out the Banana River in Cocoa Beach on a solo mission. I was greeted by slick calm conditions as soon as I got to the ramp but once I got to spot A, the south winds started blowing. Lots of big Sea Trout are sitting in sand holes along grassflats in the 1-3′ depths with Redfish in the mix. Redfish were sunning and laid up in sand holes in less than a foot of water around 1-2pm. Most fish were spooked when I jigged a few different types of artificial baits in front of there faces. I then put the spinning rod away and broke out my flyrod. Once I saw some fish laid up in sand holes from a distance that I could accurately cast, I put down my Wang Anchor so I wouldn’t drift over or get too close to the fish. Once I made my cast to a laid up fish and started my retrieve, I watched as the nice 27-30 inch fish slurped my Redfish Slider as I was pulling it across its head!! One of the best eats I’ve seen in a while!

I’m sure you all have read and heard about our Louisiana trip from Sam and Honson so I’m not going to write about it, but I will post the photos that I took on the trip. At the end of the trip, Joe Welbourn, Eddie O., Honson and I decided to fish Tampa Bay for a couple hours before we all went home to face reality. Joe showed us some great spots holding lots of fish, but rubber hook syndrome was the hot topic of the day for most of us. I did manage to bring 2 fish to the boat. I’m feeling pretty good about the Salty Fly Tournament in February!

Capt. Willy Le

Louisiana Winter 2010

Tampa Bay



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