Tarpon Bug in Matlacha for Fly Fishing in Saltwater


This past summer I had the chance to be involved in a cool project down in a little place named Matlacha Florida. I got together with some friends to do some baby Tarpon fly fishing. Instead of taking photos this time I wanted to concentrate on shooting good video and see what I could do.

There were lots of guys involved because we wanted a second boat perspective. You know instead of looking at the back of the guy’s head perspective you see in most videos, I wanted to shoot on a camera boat. The group contained Rich, Joe, Rusty, Scott, Brad and myself. We shot for 2 days and took 1/2 day to do interviews and b rolls.

As luck may have it Rusty got a nice story printed in the 100th anniversary issue(to be released soon) of Saltwater in Fly Fishing, the largest saltwater fly fishing magazine in the country. This lead to me putting together the video to be featured in the magazine.

The first video is to showcase the baby tarpon fishery in Matlacha, FL. Most videos I have seen are usually all about how epic the fishing was, how cool and hardcore everyone is. To be a little different, I try to make it more of a feel good life style type video. To me it is not always about the fishing it’s more about the journey. Hopefully I succeeded in doing so.

The 2nd video is Brad Lowman tying the “Tarpon Bug”. It is a fly tying “how to” video so it was tough to make it very exciting. I needed some fillers like underwater shots etc but just didn’t have the time to get it done. I did however, used multiple cameras to make it more interesting.

Tarpon Bug Video

Thanks again to everyone that was involved in the project:

Capt Joe Harley
Rusty Chinnis
Brad Lowman
Capt Rich Osgood
Scott Swartz
Nautilus Reels
Simms Apparel
———— Lodging ———-
Angler’s Inn
Sun and Moon
———— Music ———–
Bombalaros(Joe’s band) for the sound track

Baby Tarpon down in Matlacha, Fl.