Sony nex-3 video test and Drift 170hd time lapse


As you know I’ve been using my friend Hank’s Sony Nex-3 Camera the last few days. I gave it back to him yesterday and I miss it already. Great little camera that takes excellent images and video. With the same sensor as the a DSLR it should take great photos and you guys probably see me post many of them here.

Today with rain and clouds I stayed home and looked over some of the videos I shot with it. I have to say they looked great even in low light indoors conditions.

The only video that was not with Sony NEX-3 was the time lapse which was done with the Drift 170hd POV camera and the fisheye shot.

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Sony NEX-3. At $550.00,  if you’re looking for a compact camera that takes DSLR quality photos this is a great choice.