TFO BVK 9wt first look and more Louisiana photos with Sony NEX-3


First look Templefork BVK 9wt Flyrod:

The TFO BVK 8wt Flyrod is now one of my favorite fly rod to use. It’s super light weight, affordable and perfect for Tampa bay fly fishing. It’s good for 90% of the species we target in these waters.

When we took the road trip to LA recently I had the opportunity to test out the new 9wt that just came out. We meet up with Tom in New Orleans and he let us borrow the 9wt BVK to test out on the marshes of Louisiana. We put it to the test for 2 days in real world saltwater testing. With the temperature just above freezing it was cold for us Florida boys but we manage to tough it out and caught lots of fish on the fly up there. The BVK did well casting the heavier flies that was used in order to get it to sink quickly.

There will be a follow up with a  more thorough review of the 9wt BVK but my first impression compared to the 8wt is that it was much faster in action. The rod was very light compared to other nine weights out there. The retail price remains $249.00. Fit and finish was good but like the rest of the BVK series came with a rod socks but did not come w/ a rod tube. A 4 piece setup with recoil guides and braided graphite reel seat.

We tried it with a few lines and a couple reels to try to get best balance. A Tibor w/ Airflo was used as well as the Galvan reel lined with Teeny lines.

TFO BVK 9wt fly rod first look

Sweet Water Marina, gas, lodging, boat storage, food. An excellent place to stay if  you are hardcore fish from sun up to sun down using  your own boat. Very clean efficient and convenient to the local waterways.

HDR look using the SONY NEX-3

Willy Mae’s best fried chicken I’ve ever had and I’m a big fried chicken fan. A must try it you’re ever in the area (Panoramic using the Sony nex-3)

Price range: $10.00 for 3 pieces of chicken and one side. Service for us was good. Neighborhood it wasn’t the greatest but the chicken was excellent.