A few shots from Andros

Situated on Cargill Creek Two Boys Inn with big value and big bonefish in mind will only set you back about 1750.00 per angler for 7 night and 6 full days of fishing. The lodge is run by Frankie and Berry Neymour and Frankie’s wife Melinda. They provide great accommodations, great bone fishing, and unbelievable food for what I believe is the best value period. Each morning breakfast is made to order and you may choose from generous portions of cold cuts, cheeses, and all the other things you would find on a deli sandwich ready to develop your own masterpiece for lunch.
Leaving the dock around 8 its a short 100 yard walk to the skiffs and a short ride to the North and Middle bites where bonefish await eager to test your tackle and stretch you fly line.
After a day of great fishing you will arrive back at the lodge around 4pm where an afternoon snack awaits that could consist of conch fritters, fried mutton snapper, conch salad, or some other tasty treat with a refrigerator full of cold beverages to wash it all down.
Dinner consists of lobster, conch, fish, chicken, and great sides and served around 7 each evening. The food is unbelievable and Melinda will share her secrets in the kitchen if you want to try to duplicate something she has made back at home.

A quick note about the trip is that the fish were better in quality (size) than we could have imagined. I have been to Andros before and caught loads of smaller bonefish which are great fun however this trip was about the big boys and these guides put us on them. All 4 anglers caught fish over 8 pounds with a couple in the 9 pound range. Most fish were from 3 to 6 pounds. If you are interested in heading over give Melinda a call or email or if you are interested in a fully guided trip feel free to call me direct. You can find more info at www.catpainscottowens.com or www.twoboysinn.com.

Tight lines