Louisiana Day 2, Pho Tau Bay restaurant


If they say the oil killed the fishing in Louisiana they could have fooled me. In 2 days of fishing here, we have not seen a drop of oil anywhere. Though we are not on the monster fish, the fishing has been pretty fantastic. We have been catching plenty of reds in the 10-15lb range and tons of smaller fish. This is by far the best red fishing in numbers as well as in size anywhere I have ever been. The fish eat well and there’s plenty of them. It’s very common to get double and triple hookup on fly here. On video today we got a cool sequence of a double, triple hookup on fly. I cant’ say we could have achieved this anywhere else that I have been to.

If you are a beginning fly fisherman this is your practice playground. The redfish here are very very very forgiving. They will give you multiple shots and do not spook very easily here in the marshes.

Our numbers are definitely not in the size or number of fish compared to my friends that guides these waters. Greg Arnold and Greg Dini has been killing the fish here with 60 fish day trips up to 30+ lbs.

Tomorrow, we will see if the skies are clear to decide if we are going to fish or head back home. Cloudy days makes it tough to spot the bigger fish. You can still catch tons of fish here blind casting but to me it’s all about the sight fishing. If we can’t see them and see the eats it kind of cuts down on the excitement.

Food destination of the trip so far is the Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Tau Bay. So far it’s the best Pho soup I ever had. Pretty much a hole in the wall we found by accident, but the food is awesome there. The service and price was excellent as well with the meals averaging about $7.00.

Here are more photos of the trip mostly done on the Sony NEX-3 especially the panoramic and a couple from the Nikon.