Sony Nex-3 preview test and steel Wang Anchor

Today I had the guys came over to hang out a bit at the house. Tom installed the wanganchor on Honson’s boat and introduced the new Wang with the steel tip making the already very popular Wanganchor even better.

We will be testing this new Steel Wang on our next outing along with a few other things that are in the works.

Hank my neighbor who is as nutty as a gadget guy as me bought a new camera I told him to check out, the new Sony NEX-3. This camera has the same sensor as DSLR in a Point and shoot size. This is awesome because it makes a lot more practical to carry around. He’s letting me borrow it and test all the features for a couple days so here are some shots I shot today with it. At only $549.00 I think so far it’s an awesome piece of technology.

My first thoughts are, the photos are excellent, the price is very nice, and easy to use. I will be testing more in the next few days and give you more test shots.

Here are a run down of some the key features.

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera w/18-55mm Lens (Black)-14.2 Mpix

7 fps, to get this in an DSLR it cost almost $1500.00 vs $549
Auto HDR modeAuto
Panoramic mode
tilts screen
Interchangeable lens
HD 720p Movie

The NEW steel tipped Wang.

Normal Shot in macro mode, as you can see with bigger sensor you get that shallow depth of field which most point an shoot don’t have.

Auto Panoramic shot. You hold down the button and starts panning and the camera stitches  them all together.

Unedited, Auto HDR mode test. the top photo is 3 exposure blended together. The bottom is a normal shot.

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera w/18-55mm Lens (Black)-14.2 Mpix