Yellowfin Tuna Caught in residential canal with a mullet net.


Usually when someone says Yellowfin around the west coast of Florida they are probably talking about the popular boat company Yellowfin boats built right here in Sarasota Fl. This changed a little yesterday.

Yesterday Vince from SWC called me up all jacked up saying Skip, one of his friend just took a photo of a mullet fisherman with a yellowfin tuna.  When Skip asked where he got it the guy told him it was chasing bait in a residential canal.  The fish was still wiggling and as you can see still have color when Skip snapped the photo. It was definitely not caught offshore and brought in. This goes down as the craziest catch of the year perhaps even the decade on our coast.

Besides, on the west cost we rarely ever get YF anywhere near our local waters. 90% of the tuna caught here are Black fins. Even at that, the catch are usually offshore 20miles plus making this even crazier. This fish was absolutely lost.

I’m guessing this is about 35-40lb fish.