Droid and Iphone Apps for fishing, boating and anything outdoors.

Updated 3.25.2012


Technology sure has change things these days for the fisherman. I’m not even going to bring up all the new fancy 3d/hd/gps/depth finder, gear, lure etc that are on the boats when you’re fishing. I’m talking about all the things you look up in you phone these days are quite amazing compared to a couple years ago.

These are not just fishing games or log book on your phone any longer. We are talking full blown live radar, gps,charts, weather, wind, tide, wave heights,moon, inshore and offshore. There are so many of them out there now it’s hard to keep tabs of what’s available.

This is my attempt to make a list of useful apps. When you are planning your day out on the water I hope you find it useful.  Most of the apps are free, some cost money but all are pretty useful in their own ways. You will just have to try them and see which ones works best for you and your device.

I will do a mini one or two sentence reviews of the ones I have tried to help you with screening process.

Radar now: live radar, excellent, free, love it.
Google earth: cant beat it for sat. view
Windfiner: awesome wind prediction and easy to use
Navionics: cost $ but worth every penny if you want a back up gps/marine chart when you are on the water.

Name Description Droid OS Iphone Free
Radar Now Radar x x x
Google Earth Map x x x
Windfinder Wind/cloud/temp x x x
TideGraph tide x $1.99
Windguru wind/temp x x
Buoydata Buoy info x $1.99
Floatplan notes x $2.99
Tideapp Tide x x
windalert wind speed/directions x x x
Fishhead tide/weather/moon x $6.99
Radar Scope radar x $9.99
Pinpoint Lightning lightning alert system x $5.99
Buoy Buddy Buoy info x $2.99
Navionics Charts/GPS map/charts/tide/ramps/marinas x x $13.20
Magic Seaweed swells/wind/period x x

added 12.19.2011

Real Tides for Iphone:
My new favorite quick tide and app. Fast easy, accurate, crash free. Graphical animated tide that shows mean low tide, high, low as well as current.

Cost $1.99 well worth it. Useful buttons “around me”, favorites, map showing all tide stations links to gps. Mood phases and sunrise.


My Radar for Iphone


Android version

Another live Radar App for Iphone, totally free. Fast update live. What more can you ask for. Excellent app.