Cold weather = Sight fishing red fish in Tampa Bay, TFO BVK 8wt Fly rod test in the wind


In Tampa Bay, usually in the summer time the water is filled with algae, there’s lots of grass  and the water quality is pretty murky. With the exception of   tailing reds and beach tarpon fishing, fishing in Tampa Bay during the hotter months is blind fishing.

It’s that time of year again that the bay waters starts to clear up and you can actually do some sight fishing on the flats. When it gets cold the algae dies off and the water starts to get clean and awesome for sight fishing.

Today I took along the 8wt TFO BVK and the 10wt GLoomis GLX to do some fly fishing for red fish. I took the 10wt in case it was windy as it was 10-15mph today and you never know if you need that little extra to get the fly there in the wind.

This was the first real life test in such nasty conditions for the BVK and I am happy to report the 8wt did awesome in the wind. I’m not going to sit here, give you all the scientific terms and act like I know all the physics that is involved cause I do not. All I’m saying it did not feel like  a wet noodle in the wind like a few rods I have tried in similar conditions.

As you can see the darker colors prevailed today. I can only assume when it gets cold the bait fish disappears to deeper waters. This leaves crabs and other crustaceans for the reds to feed up on.

Tom and I finished the day with 5 redfish and 1 trout on the long rod. I thought we did good, then on the way home my buddy calls me up and said they caught 60 nice red fish and trout on spin down south of me.!@#$!^^@$#

Photos: I left the good camera at home as I actually wanted to fish today instead of taking photos all the time.  This resulted me having to take photos on my droid today. These actually didn’t turn out too bad for a phone camera.