Maverick Boats / Vero Backcountry Fly Tournament… short hard fought victories!!!

The time had finally come for my new Maverick 18 HPX-V to revisit it’s home waters where it was made for the first time.  Capt. Eric Davis and I teamed up to fish the Maverick Boats/Vero Backcountry Fly Tournament this past weekend in Vero Beach.  With high water and limited visibility, it did involve more blind casting then I would have liked to do with a fly rod but when the time was right, we eventually got into the right areas and were able to sight fish for redfish and trout.  It wasn’t a big problem finding cruising redfish, but getting the bite was tough (lots of follows and lots of refusals) as I had to go through several different fly patterns to find the right one.  And even still… I could develop a more effective one for next time I target these Vero redfish.  They are definitely a lot different from the Everglades redfish that I am used to feeding flies to.  We ended up going 2 for 2 on redfish (measured a 23″ Red) and 1 for 2 on big seatrout (measured a 23″ trout), for 46 total inches.  This was not enough to seal the victory as fellow Maverick Mirage owner Mark Wolaver and his partner edged us out of the top spot.  Wolaver measured a nice snook and an even bigger seatrout.  Eric and I landed in 2nd place this tournament.  Capt. Willy Le and his partner Dominic measured the biggest redfish of the tournament, Wolaver measured the biggest seatrout, and Camp measured the biggest snook.  No sheepshead were caught to my knowledge.  Congratulations to all the anglers who worked hard and caught some fish for some tournament points.  The format of this tournament is fun every year and the challenges faced makes for a better fly fisherman and more stories to be shared around the picnic table.  The food and accomodations provided by The Vero Backcountry and Maverick Boats was a top notch family atmosphere.  Thanks to all the organizers who make this tournament possible… I look forward to fishing the next one this coming April.

a red in the bush is worth...
..worth too many flies in the gunnels!!