More stocking stuffers for fisherman


I found this sale out on facebook tonight.

DOA’s very popular CAL series soft places now comes in a bulk pack for a really good deal. You get any color you want, 50 of them for $11.99. It’s so new they don’t even have themĀ  on the website yet so you ‘ll have to give them a call. But check out their website to get the colors you are looking for at

Drift HD170

Another cool gadgets that became readily available is a new POV HD package called the Drift hd170. It is a wearable camera like the go pro but it has many features the gopro lacks. For one it’s like 10times easier to use and configure. No crazy codes and the screen is much more user friendly and easy to read. It comes with a remote to turn on and off recording. It has a preview screen so you can actually see what you are aiming at. The lens is rotatable and it has a microphone input.

Like the Gopro it has 1080p mode 720p as well. And like the GPro it does time lapse. This would an excellent addition to anyone that wants to record all his catches on video. It’s very small and comes with many mounting options including a suction cup option that can be mounted on your boat or car an record.

I got my hands on a demo unit and tested out today on the dogs. Check it out. I shot a frame every 3 seconds then combined them all to make a small time lapse movie.

As you can see this can be a useful footage showing time lapse tides going in and out. Show in you putting together a kayak, long runs in boats and cars to your destinations.