Changes and a 2011 Fly Fishinig Tournament in Tampa Florida Feb 26th


The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about getting more people to take an interesting Salt water fly fishing. Not that I’m the greatest fly fisherman of all times or anything but I think it’s pretty cool and I wanted to share it with people.

Except in small circles, It just seemed like you don’t hear much about it anymore. The perception seems to be the guys that are really good at fly fishing and looked up to comes across as non approachable and at times arrogant. The basic thought is, unless you’re paying them $600/day to push you around they really don’t have much time for you.

Now as the conversation goes on, he says to me, “Well, typing stuff on the internet ain’t gonna do anything.”

Of course my instant response was a defensive one. I think I said something like “well what have  you done?!”.   Of course the answer was silent. Even though he makes his money in the fishing industry, he’s really hasn’t done anything. Nope, not even typing useless information on the internet.

The irony of all this is that typing stuff on the internet does make a difference after all. As hard headed as the fishing industry is to embraced technology they can’t deny the fact that more and more interest is generated via the internet at an astounding pace.

I’m pretty sure I am not the only one here. Even if I were to look to buy the item from a local store, I know if I’m buying something, the first place I research is Google. I read all the good/bad reviews that is out there and make up my own decisions.

Example: get tons of hits daily from people searching for  GLoomis NRX Flyrods and Minnkota Talon

Google those items. Besides the actual manufacture themselves, Saltyshores is #1 #2 or #3  and in many cases all of them. These are people researching their buying decision and the first place they hit is They are reading the articles, checking out all the photos and videos about a product they are interested in, ala getting their “first impression”.

As a manufactures all they really want to know is are they or are they not interested in buying my products?  I say if they have the slightest interest they will be researching it on Google first. They get their first impressions via whatever they come across weather it be Saltyshores or another review.

You know what they say, “First impression is many times the last impression.” I guess this is why companies pay combined billions to show up on Googles first pages. And here I am doing it for essentially free go figure. 🙂

So in a way, typing stuff on the internet does change things after all.

Speaking of making a difference. There sure is a lots of chefs in the kitchen but not many cooks. 😉

Saltyshores 2011 Fly fishing tournament Feb 26th 2011

We are putting together a Fly fishing tournament for 2011. I have ran fishing tournaments in the past with 150+ entrants before so I know it’s never too early to start planning these things.

The date will be Feb 26th 2011, the weekend after the Miami Boat show.(if this works out we will be putting together a tarpon fly tournament as well)

This may change but as of right now it will be in the Tampa area.

  • Photo released 2 red fish 1 trout
  • A Calcutta for the most spot on a red fish

I already have commitments from some manufacturer and shops. Yes the raffle is gonna be awesome for this tournament.

More rules and information in the days to follow at the fly fishing tab on the menu bar.

More information here as it becomes available.