Stocking Stuffers and 2010 Black Friday Sale for fisherman

Vero Back Country in Vero, Fl

Is offering 10% off total purchases, clearance items included, plus FREE shipping on all orders over $75.00, this offer is valid through December 5, 2010.
These guys has an excellent store with lots of fly gear to boot.

Apparel: These are the guys that are having sales for Black Friday

Breathe Like A Fish
-Free Shipping til Christmas no codes needed
-Pink BLAF’s are now available

Skinny Water Culture
Code “Blackdrum”
-35% “Black Friday” Sale

I Hunt Fish
Use promo code: “holidays”
take $10 off ANY shirt
also Free shipping on orders of $50 or more

RedZone Apparel
Free Shipping

Flint Creek Outfitters

Through this weekend spend $100.00 get a $25.00 gift certificate, $250.00 get a $50.00 gift certificate and $500.00 get a $100.00 gift certificate!

My Favorite underwear is on Sale amongst other Exofficio things. 25% off at:

If  you are looking for an inexpensive Stocking Stuffer here is one good idea that fits most everyone’s needs for about $12.00. Well anyone that wears glasses that is. I have shown these to many fisherman. I don’t know many that does not like them.

I have been testing out the Croakies Arc for the past couple months. I  have been using the ARC on and off the water pretty much every day I needed glasses.

Essentially it’s a glasses strap. what makes it different is that it stays off your head/neck. It’s is plastic coated steel so it does not absorb moisture/sweat and stink up after a while. Since it is stiff, when running in a boat it doesn’t flop around either.

The Arc, comes with two connectors, so you can use them on different pairs of glasses(thin frame reading glasses and larger frame sunglasses). The strap itself snaps on and off with a little sideways pressure. The Arc concept also allows you to change the pivot of the strap relative to your comfort level and glasses frame.

So far the durability in the salt water and sun has been excellent.

I don’t know any retail store that has them but any shops that carry Croakies product should have or can get them. You can also get them online: