Things to say…

When I was looking up the world record distance fly casting I constantly came across people making comments about the video or the news of the record etc. About 50 percent of comments goes something like this.

“why would anyone want to cast that far? ”

“I can’t even see fish that far, why would I bother casting that far?”

“he has to use special equipment”

“useless skills…”

and so on.

Well I guess they have a point, but you could use that argument for just about anything competitive.

Nascar – “why would I want to make only left turns and go that fast all the time..?”

Football – “why would I wear all those padding and run across the grass.. that’s just childish. Besides it’s too hot outside.”

UFC/Boxing – “Why would I go in the ring and fight people? I would never do that in real  life.”(most of  you anyways)

Skate boarding – “All those crazy tricks and jumping, flipping. You could get hurt doing that…. ”

Cycling – ” Why ride a bike up all those dam hills? You could just take a taxi”

Dancing – “All the gyrating, wasting energy. That’s just silly stuff.”

fishing – “Why go waste time and money all day looking for fish. Then when you catch one you let it go anyways.. total waste of time!”

Thanksgiving – “Why cook all this stuff? The mess would just be crazy. Cleaning up would take forever. Besides dealing with all those family members will be a nightmare.. ”

Bottom line is.. There will always be haters and you can not please everyone.

Live your life and  have a good Thanksgiving.