Flint Creek Outfitter 30 second commercial


The last couple days I’ve been trying to complete the calendar projects and finishing up this 30 second commercial for Flint Creek Outfitters. This will be shown on the local TV channel 8 which is the local NBC affiliates. Since this was kind of a rush project there were a couple things I wanted to fix but didn’t have the time to do so.

1) there were lens flair on outdoor building shot.
2) the logos were not high res as I did not have them or had time to send correspondence. I pulled the best version off their website but they definitely could be better.

If you are  Costa Del Mar, Orvis, Northface or Patagonia rep  and are reading this, please send me links to the high res logo. 🙂

Video note: Editing was done using Sony Vegas 10. This version of Vegas deals with DSLR footage much better than older versions. The fly fishing footage was was shot with the Nikon D300s.  The hiking shot was a stock footage I bought from istock photos.