Long Distance Fly Casting at the “Big Gun Shootout” Tampa, Florida. Dave Olson’s 126′ qualifier cast


I was at the “Big Gun Shootout” today held at Picnic Island park in Tampa, Florida by the local Tampa Fly fishing club.

It was one of the most enjoyable Fly fishing only event I’ve been to. Besides almost losing my car keys towards the end of the day every thing went just as planned. Richard or I will be doing a full write up with more detail and photos in the next day or two. Overall though it was an excellent event.

Besides all the other skills you had to do the distance casting is always the main draw.

Every one used the same outfit provided by the tournament:

8wt Sage 9′ TCX 890-4
SA Mastery Distance Taper w/ 6′ of leader.

Let me just say it, I’m no long distance caster. So when I see these guys during practice getting 100′ easy I was saying to myself “it can’t be that hard”.

Well I was wrong, I could only muster 83′ at 3 tries. 83 feet sounds great but when I saw the pros cast it kinda sucks!

During the qualifying rounds Dave Olson from the Miami Fly shop put out 126′ feet of line. Needless to say I was impressed,  considering the guy was carrying what I could shoot on his false cast!

I video taped his technique hoping to help my technique a bit.

video note: This was shot with a flip cam at 60fps as I knew I was going to slow it down in post.

Here is the 126′ Cast. David beats it later in the finals with a whopping 138′ cast and I got that on video as well enjoy.