Gulf Sailfish by Jay Riordan


Gulf Sails by Jay Riordan

With a small window of opportunity we left Oneill’s marina in Tampa bay and headed out into the gulf about 70 miles.  The seas were slick as glass so it was easy to see birds working small patches of bait from quite a distance.  While running we noticed some commotion on the surface so decided to slow down and pitch out a live cigar minnow.  Almost instantly we had a nice sized sailfish hooked up and putting on a aerial show.  After a few pics we quickly released it to fight another day.

Next stop was only about a mile away and the intended target was the prized red snapper.  First bait on the way to the bottom got stopped short about half the way down.  The line came tight and started angling towards the surface.  Initially we were thinking king mackerel until the second sailfish started tail walking.  Luckily this one was a small fish since it was hooked on some very light undersized tackle.  A quick fight of about 15 minutes and we had our second Gulf of Mexico sailfish release.