Kscott Art, pro golfer turned fish artist


One of the cool thing about being involved in the fishing industry is that sometimes you get to meet cool and interesting people. During the calendar shoot I have fished and had help from many nice people. One of the guy was K.C. or Kasey Scott.

KC is a fish artist and a very good one at that. He started his life as a professional Golfer. When he told me this I ask, what the heck possessed you to drop golfing and get into painting fish for a living? I mean from the surface it sure doesn’t sound like something you would do for money that is for certain. 🙂

KC told me he had no professional training and that becoming an artist was just by pure chance. Like many of us, one of his passion was fishing. One day he went out fishing with a friend and after a day of fishing the guy refused to take his money to help with gas and such.

KC decided to draw him a picture of a fish and give it to his friend as a gift. His buddy told him that it was really good and that he should start looking into becoming an artist. This was all it took set KC searching on how to become a fishing artist. He told me he started to contact all the well known guys that was already out there. Many never returned his phone calls of emails but he told me most did responded positively.

This was only a couple years ago and he has came a long ways. Based out of Sarasota Florida, his work can be seen in lodges in South America, Basspro, on boat wraps, and magazines. Now he is hitting your local tackle shops with prints and T-shirts.

I’ve always seen KC at shows but not until a couple weeks ago we actually got to fish together during the calendar shoot. The guy can fish, laid back, and level headed. I wish him the best of luck.

Here are some samples of his work and more can be seen at his website http://www.kscottart.com/