Reminder: Fly Fishing Event this weekend in Tampa “Big Gun Shootout”, TFO BVK rod demo



There’s been a small buzz about the new TFO BVK fly rod for a few weeks now.  Everyone that I know that has tried it really like the rod. Especially if you factor in the price of $249.00 retail price.  I demoed the 8 wt over at the conclave a couple weeks ago and thought the rod was light weight relatively fast and cast very well.

Granted, it was in a parking lot with very low wind conditions.  In other words, it was in a very ideal conditions, so I really didn’t talk to much about it. It’s similar to going for a boat test on slick calm days. Every boat will perform well on calm days even a john boat.

This weekend however I will get my hands on a TFO BVK 8 wt and will bring it with me to the “B.G.S.” event on Sunday. If you want to cast just hit me up I’ll be more than happy to let you check it out. I will have some stickers with me as well so hit me up.


2nd Local fly fishing event is “BIG GUN SHOOTOUT SET FOR NOVEMBER 21”

run by the Tampa Fly Fishing Club.


Sunday, November 21, 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


Picnic Island Park, We will be at the first parking

area beyond the boat dock turnoffs.


This is an annual event in which our club hosts

surrounding clubs in a friendly competition of fly-casting


There are five casting accuracy tests, including the

infamous Hanson cup, and one distance casting test. The

few contestants who manage a 100 ft. cast during the

regular competition are invited to compete in the final

event, a shootout for the top distance prize. Trophies are

awarded for individual and team (of 3) performances and

a great lunch

Since I’ve never been to this event I got synopsis sent to me via local fly fishing guide Byron Chamberlain

Just an FYI to all you fly fishers. The Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club is hosting its annual Big Gun fly casting skills competition on November 21st at Picnic Island Park. This is a fun event that consists of a casting obstacle course and a distance event. Bring your friends to form a 3-man team to compete for bragging rights as the best casters in the Tampa Bay area. If you don’t have a team, come anyways, there are always others looking to join a team, and who knows, you may make a new friend and future fishing buddy. This is a great place to meet new people in the fly fishing scene. We consistently have casters that come as far away as Miami to compete in this event every year. Lunch and drinks are provided by the club. The event usually runs from 9am till about 2pm. Don’t be shy either…ALL skill levels are welcome.