New Boat Ramps Completed at EG Simmons Park

About a month ago, the new addition to the EG Simmons boat ramp was completed. This is great news for boaters on the South Shore of Tampa Bay. With the lack of ramps in the area, this is huge news for me. I have used the park ramps for years, for a few good reasons. The presence of the park rangers deters crime at the park, as I have had my truck broken into at other South Shore ramps. In addition, Simmons Park is very close to my house, fillet stations are next to the ramp, and there are even boat wash slabs to rinse off your vessel after pulling out of the bay. The addition of the new ramps makes launching the boat much easier; this was experienced a couple of Saturdays ago during the busier parts of the day. The only drawback is the fee implemented last year to enter the park. Many don’t agree with the charge of two dollars per carload and seven dollars to launch a vessel. My only concern is the fact that when entering with a boat, one has to pay the park entry fee of two dollars and five dollars for the ramp. That was never rational to me. In the long run though, it’s worth it. Yearlong passes can also be purchased that will save an avid boater some money on entrance fees.

Also new to EG Simmons park is canoe and kayak rentals. According to the local paper, the rentals will begin this Saturday, November 20th. If I am correct, the price is 25 dollars for rental time of up to four hours. Many shore fishermen will love this, especially to get to the great shallow troughs for negative tide winter redfishing.

Simmons Park is located at 2410 19th Ave. N.W in Ruskin.

I haven’t had much time to do any writing  as of late , the past few months have been crazy. Like Sam told me, “sometimes life gets in the way”. I have updated Inshore Insider with some fresh content and will be posting a review of the Strike Tech AA model spinning reel on Salty Shores shortly.