Fly Casting Accuracy analysis test


Today I drove down to Ft. Myers to help my friend David McCleaf with project for his PT degree. Honson, Richard, Ryan, Joe  and Tom Rowland showed up to participate in the study as well.

They set up 8 cameras connected to computers. After filling out some paperwork, they then attached reflector on your body, in this case the shoulders and arms. This essentially what they do in video games as well. That is why today’s video games so so realistic.

They told use to make 4 false cast then land on the target 50′ away. Everyone used the same rod/reel/line/fly combo to keep every thing consistent. David then measured the length between your fly and you target. This data is the recorded into the computer along with you movements.

I don’t know what the outcome will be yet as today was the data collection date. We were done before 10am so that was great. I then had lunch with a friends and headed back towards Tampa.

Stopped by Captain Ted’s Tackle on the way back and showed him some Saltyshores Calendar Samples. Jeff really digs them and told me to bring it by after I got the calendars back from the printer.

Bellow are some photos taken at the event. Since the flash was not allow because it affected the light sensitive cameras these were shot in super high ISO so they are not very crisp. I just wanted to show you guy some photos of the event. Many of these were shot in the still camera mode with VG10.