2010 Alafia Fat tire mountain bike festival, Fillipino birthday party, more NEX-VG10 footage


Saturday I spent the day filming shots at the 2011 Alafia Fat Tire Festival held not too from my house. It was a good chance to put the NEX-VG10 to the test and check out the mountain bike scene.  Here is what I put together so far for the video.

2010 Alafia Fat tire festival by Nativebikeworks.com from Sam Root on Vimeo.

That night I got a call from Joe of Carbonmarine, he tells me to come over for a Fillipino party. I was kind of exhausted because I had been out all day shooting video of the MTB festival but once he started to send me phone photos of the different types of food they had over at the part I made the 45minute drive over to join the fun.

I was glad I did, not only did I get to try some new and interesting food, it gave me the chance to test more of the camera’s capabilities in low light. Bellow is the footage I took all at +27db in gain(kinda like iso in cameras) using the cheat $100 50mm 1.8f lens. It’s all hand held footage and manual exposure and focus. I put the clip together this morning around 5 am in the morning. It took me about an hour.