Offshore Calendar Shoot in the Andros 32


Even though I’m a bit down about the boat being stolen as the old saying goes, “The show must go on. ” I had plans to finalize all the photos for the Saltyshores Calendar shoot yesterday and didn’t let the theft deterred me. In the end you’re just wasting time feeling sorry for yourself. Time is one thing money can not buy, no matter how rich, famous, smart, good look, lucky you will ever become.

We set off on the Andros 32. Though it was slick calm yesterday it was 2-3′ by the time we got out about 10miles. Our plan was to shoot the boat from in the water and to get a few species to shoot in the boat as well. For Florida, it was cold this day, especially running a boat offshore at 40mph. It was definitely too cold to be wearing a bikini but the girls were troopers and kept bundle up during the lulls in the actions.

To helps me with the shoot was Capt. Kevin Dieter, Capt. Justin Cauffman and KScott up and coming fish artist. Jessie, Lindsay, and were the brave models. Andy at Andros let us use the boat for shoot which was way cool considering we had a total of 7 people plus fishing and camera gear on board. We needed all the room with could use.

The bite about 50 miles offshore was actually pretty good with AJ swarming the boat at first. Then for some reason they disappear. We hooked a few on butterfly jigs plus a couple of bonitos. The highlight of the day came when we trolled and landed 28lb Black Fin Tuna. KC and I jump into the water and got some nice shots. The water wasn’t too bad considering how cold it has been. The next troll we had a sail fish whacked one of the lure with his bill several times but we never did get a hookup.

We headed in about 4pm and called a good day of fishing. The Andros 32 handled the 2-3′ nicely and Kevin knew how to troll 5 lines like a champ.

Here are some photos from yesterday. Sorry I can’t show the shots that we are gonna use in the Calendar that will hopefully be out soon, a little luck willing.

One of the reason the Calendar shoot is taking so long to complete is because were doing it for real. No fish in coolers, we actually go out and catch the fish that day and like fishing sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We are not using girls that are afraid of fish. No grippers, no gloves. Yes it would easier to do all those things and get everything done in a week but it just wouldn’t look good. Some times I feel like I’m planning a wedding when I try to put these shoots together.  Hopefully the end product comes across as being something cool.