2270 Canyonbay Stolen and found with 225 Yamaha SHO missing and GPS smashed in.


Ok guys, I hate being the bearer of bad news but yet again something got stolen from me. I took the boat back to get CB to get the gelcoat dings I put on it repair because they were going to use it at the the Ft. Myers boat show this weekend. While was dropped off at the shop in Lakeland all locked up someone stole the boat.

The boat was found the next morning with the motor missing and the gps smashed in. The trolling motor was still on it which was the easiest thing to steal. Apparently all they wanted was the motor.

Regardless my Yamaha 225 SHO motor is now gone. I held back from putting this up here for a few days in case something turns up. It has not, so I figure by chance any of you guys run into at Yamaha SHO 225 serial number #1000011 let me know. There aren’t many out there, so if you see a motor with the serial numbers scratched off it’s probably my stolen motor.

A cash reward of a $2,000 is offered if we get information leading to the recovery of the motor.

This happened in Lakeland Florida but the motor could be anywhere. Again sorry for posting bad news on here but it’s a good way to get the word out.

Bellow are photos of the motor minus the bird crap. 🙂