Fly fishing research event down in Ft. Myers Florida November 17th 2010


Ok here is something pretty cool. My friend and world famous photographer, David McCleaf is doing a paper on the mechanics of flyfishing. Your strokes, your form and all the biometric stuff(I’m assuming) will be measured. It’s a cool project. I got it all in my calendar to attend and be part of the study. I think Honson(Benzo) will be there as well.

Oh I forgot the almost as famous Mr. Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience and Chasing Silver and Location X fame with be there as well.  🙂

Give Dave a call and email if you want to be part of it: David McCleaf (, 239-994-4925)


Want to Participate in Fly Fishing Research?


  • Male recreational fly fisherman who use an overhead casting style and who have never entered a competitive fly casting event.


  • Participate in an analysis of fly fishing research study.


  • November 17, 2010


  • 6am-10am



  • Come meet Tom Rowland, co-host of Saltwater Experience TV show.

For more information about the study, please contact the project coordinator,
David McCleaf (, 239-994-4925), Doctor of Physical
Therapy Student, Florida Gulf Coast University.