New Gear: Nautilus Reels FWX series Fly Reels

Following the success of their affordable and top quality Feather Weight (FW) series of fly reels, Nautilus Reels has recently released their new FWX series of reels.  The new FWX reels offer both upgraded and new features from their predecessor.  New features include a redesigned lighter weight frame and housing (with looks very similar to their NVG series), TORQ-X one way clutch for instant drag engagement, Laser ID for marking line identification, a light weight sealed SCF (carbon fiber) drag, and all the other features we all came to love about the FW reels.  Sizes range from 3wt sizes to 8wt sizes.  Visit your local flyshop to purchase one of these.  The FWX 3/4 and 5/6 should have already hit all major local fly shops.  The FWX 7/8 should be delivered soon.  Stop by and purchase or order yours today.  Another added bonus is that Nautilus offers their custom shop, which can anodize the reel in any color combination you choose upon ordering the reel.

Pricing and Line Capacities are as follows:

FWX 3/4: WF3F + 110 yds of 20lb backing. 3.6 oz. $240 (reel)/$105 (spool)
FWX 5/6: WF5F + 150 yds of 20lb backing. 3.8 oz. $250 (reel)/$125 (spool)
FWX 7/8: WF7F + 200 yds of 20lb backing. 4.1 oz. $280 (reel)/$145 (spool)

I will be testing the new FWX 7/8 in the next following weeks on my 7wt setup.  This reel should be excellent for bass, redfish, snook, and baby tarpon.  I got to pair the 7/8 with a 7wt G Loomis Shorestalker flyrod and the combo felt pretty incredible while tossing it around in the field.  These reels are a real bargain!!!

Stay tuned for more updates…