Mirrolure Lil’ Lohn with Cameron, Winter Wade fishing negative low tide


Yesterday Cameron, Rachelle and I had plans to get out to do some fishing and if we get lucky get a shot for the 2011 Saltyshores Calendar. As luck may have it, this cold front came rolling in and it dropped some nice degrees over night. It was cold, windy and overcast skies. Regardless, plans were made, we were going. We loaded the Kayak on to my dusted off yesterday Ranger Skiff and we made the run to our fishing grounds.

We waited until it got light enough and the mullet to get active showing us the pot holes. I didn’t bring much tackle since this was Cameron’s fishing hole and I wanted to fish what he was fishing. He brought two rod and the only thing he had tied on was Slayer Jig heads and the Mirrolure Lil John. He tells me he has been killing the fish on these things in the last few weeks.

Even though I have had a few packs of Lil John I never fished yet. I asked why he liked them and he tells me he likes the action and how tough they are. The scent they have whether it really works or not gives the angler a little more confidence as well. Confidence that’s the one thing I’ve noticed about most of the good anglers I’ve fished with. These guys believe they can catch fish until we get back to the ramp. So I have to believe one of the key trait in being a good angler no matter what level is being confident.

Once we stopped that day, the boat did not move. We caught probably 15 reds, 26″ snook, sheepshead and a 23″ trout. Every single fish was caught on the Mirrolure Lil’ John. Cameron had the Lil John on the Red Slayer 1/4 oz jig head and I had mine on the 1/16th oz  chartreuse DOA jig head.

By lunch time we had gotten our Calendar shot, caught tons of fish, we were done. I suggested we head back because Rachelle was freezing cold. Cameron begrudgingly agreed as the fish was still chewing pretty good and we were leaving them biting.  We called it a day, a really good day.

Photo note: as  you can see from the background,  it was pretty over cast so the lighting was not the greatest.  The external flash was used to light things up for many of the shots, if not everything would look gray. I used the Nikon Sb600 flash which sells for $200 at Amazon.  The built in flash just isn’t versatile nor powerful enough. The external flash is probably the one best investment you could make to take better photos, after all photography is all about the lighting.