Port Canaveral catching with Capt. Scott Lum

I have been taking Capt. Scott Lum on his offers lately to hop aboard his 23ft Contender the “Outcast” and fish the waters out of Port Canaveral, FL. the past couple weeks. For those who do not know Scott Lum, he runs a charter service out of Port Canaveral called Outcast Fishing Adventures. Scott definitely Knows his stuff when it come to fishing these waters. You probably have seen Scott on an episode of Addictive Fishing with Blair Wiggins cobia fishing out of Port Canaveral(click here to watch the YouTube clip of the show) or you may have read a recent article in Florida Today about Scott and his “secrets” to tripletail fishing.(click here to see article on Florida Today)

Our targets when we went were Southern Flounder, Tripletail, and a Cobia here and there, when the bite was slow for those species, we would go out and get some Kingfish. Each day was full of action and excitement. I definitely learned a lot more about fishing the deeper waters during my trips with Scott and we plan on targeting Tripletail and Cobia with a flyrod in the near future. If you would like to get on some fish with Capt. Scott Lum aboard the Outcast, call 321-266-4505 and visit his website at centralfloridacharters.com

-Capt. Willy Le



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