Is there Anybody Out there?


Back in the day when I use to post on fishing forums to share my stories and photos I use to get a bunch of pats on the back. I know it does not mean much but I have to admit it did feel good every now and then. You know what I mean.. “good job”…”awesome”.. etc.

I know I’m not the most eloquent writer out there, hell I can’t spell right half the time. Many times I would put something up on Saltyshores real quick one day and re read it the next day, it would be so full of misspelling it’s down right embarrassing! lol

To those grammar police I say, “Sorry, I do not have an editor, and no one is paying me to do this so you will have to live it it.”

These days, facebook replaces most of my forum time when it comes to networking and communication with fishing buddies and companies. I would put photos up on FB and I get a few comments etc. Still though I wonder does anyone ever read what I type or are they just here to see the pretty pictures. I mean, are these real people that see my work or are these just random internet robots giving me false information on my stats page.

I get questions about buying new skiffs/boats, camera, and product recommendation quite often. However, my faith in humanity is restored(somewhat) when I get messages via email and facebook almost on a daily basis like these. It feels great to have someone tells me I got them started in flyfishing, I got them started in photography(or photography question), I got them to try a new product, go visit a cool tackle store,  try a new BBQ restaurant or even fish a different area.I know they are genuinely interested if they took the time out of their busy day to write me an email. Thanks for taking the time guys.

Sometimes I get too busy and miss a couple emails here and there. I do my best to get to them all though.

I just want to take this time to say thanks to everyone out there, for proving there IS somebody out there listening. It gets lonely sometimes typing in cyberspace.  🙂


Inspiration music/quote of the day:  “Just nod if you can hear me… is there anyone home..? ” – Pink Floyd

Just want to thank you. I live in Naples and lucky to have a really good friend that kayak guides out of EC. He put me on my first red and intro’d me to your FB page b4 Salty Shores launched and I’ve been following you every since. Because of you I’ve put the spinning rods down and picked up the fly fishing. Thank You! You Da Man! If you every hit Naples thur Chocko let me know. Would enjoy meeting you and pickin your melon on… Beers on me.

– Mike

Whats up bro? Hope all is well. Gotta another question for ya. Sorry if im a bother bro. Shutter speed: what speeds do you find your self using the most when taking a fish and grin pic on the water/boat. Just looking for a shutter speed range to practice on that will get me the best exposure i guess. Thx in advance bro.

you take some AMAZING photos ! i love your work !!!
Dear Sam, I am interested in knowing what your lens, I think you got a wide angle that is correct? D5000 I have a Nikon camera and am looking for a lens for this purpose in my fishing photos! thanks for your help
Hey Sam
I’ve been following your fb page and for quite some time and I am really interested in getting into the world of photography and “filmography”. Could I ask where you learned your skills? Through classes or just trial and error and constantly shooting and “being out there”? Are there any tips you could bestow upon me on where to start? Also, this might be a personal question, but are you on the Canon camp or the Nikon camp? =P
Thanks for your time Sam
Can you give me some insight on this? I have played with it in PS but cant seem to get them to come out right. I changed my camera to shoot in raw as well. If i take a random photo and make 3 copies, make one really bright and one dark and leave one stock, it doesn’t work out very well. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks bro!