Social Media wave continues with or with out you.


Today is November first 2010, my how the year has flown by. Today I downloaded my first Kindle book from onto my Kindle app on my Apple Ipad. I found out about the E-book via a Facebook friend I have never met in person. Yet, this person knows and trust me. I also know this person and actually spent money upon his recommendation on Facebook. Wow, how the world has changed.

Last year, after attending ICAST 2009, I was a bit frustrated.  I wrote this article/blog about changes in the market place and many thought was it a great idea yet many still think it is an intangible. I wrote this before there was an IPAD on the market or even a Kindle.

Saltyshores Social Media

Now here we are a little over a year later. I went to the ICAST 2010 in Vegas. All the companies are all about Facebook, youtube, google, twitter, seo, viral videos etc.

Many of them run out and make a facebook/twitter page. Then add every friend they can on the planet. They end up with 5,000 friends then begin to spam them to death of how great their products or services are. The problem with this spamming method is, it doesn’t work. People will unfriend/block you and you won’t even know. Results, they are NOT reading your spam message. It’s equivalent to mass emailing Viagra ads, they get ignored and eventually blocked.

When I get too much spam from a company via facebook, I just do a simple block or hide status update. The cool thing about FB marketing is that type of guerrilla tactic does not work. If your company is doing this on FB, don’t you ever wonder why you never get comments, if so very little? Maybe, just Mabye you’ve been blocked/hidden by 90% of friends and all your post goes unseen and you will never know it, just wasting your time typing.

“Before it was the big companies that had a huge advantage because they could afford to “Pay to Play”, and spent the big dollars on advertisement to create a positive brand awareness.  Smaller companies who didn’t have that kind of a marketing budget were at a great disadvantage.  Now, with the breakthrough of Social Media, you have to “Play to Play” in order to truly reach the customer. You have to interact with them and to do so you have to go to the marketplace where the customer actually interacts – Social Media.”  –

Then there is another school of thought. The school of thought that think this whole internet thing is a fad. That it will eventually go out of fashion like bell bottoms pants did. I often get told that internet marketing doesn’t make any money, it’s a waste of time.  And the big question, what will be my ROI(return on investment). It’s tough to explain in a journal entry and way too much to type. However,  here is a video that explains it much better than I can.

Oh one more thing… those of you that thought I was a crazy nut last year… I just want to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” … ahhhhh.. that feel so much better now. 🙂