Tarpon surface eats, using the Canon HFS-20


Canon hfs-20

A couple weeks ago I was on the East Coast with Captain John of Chaos Charters. We got on a really nice Tarpon bite. Though I failed to get a good jumping shots because of the low lights I did shoot some videos with my small camera Canon HFS-20.

The Canon HFS-20 is an excellent small camera that you can carry around almost any where. The 32 gigs of built in ram holds hours of 1080 HD footage. It even has a couple SD memory card slots if you run out of storage. Touch screen, point and shoot super easy to use with a nice crisp images. Excellent stabilizer plus the coolest feature is the ability to do a pre-record of 3 seconds.

This prerecord feature lets you point the camera to something in “pre” record mode so it’s not really recording. However when an event happens and you push the button, it records 3 seconds before you push the button.. Cool stuff right!? It’s awesome for tarpon jumping or tailing red fish footage when you don’t know exact when it is going to happen. This way you don’t waste a lot of storage of nothing on your memory card.