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It has come to my attention that(man that sound like something I would hear in a class room, back in the day).  Any ways, let me type like I talk and not so official sounding. Heck, I might  risk actually coming across as being  boring like that Star Trek convention sounding Federation Conclave thingy. 🙂

I had a couple people say to me that I’ve been a little too hard on many things surrounding the “apparent lack of effort” towards growing the great sport of fly fishing. They tell me that things are being done. They tell me things are changing, it just takes some time. To them I say, “Wow, you guys actually read what I type not just hear to see the pretty pictures?”

All humor aside, my goal of saying these things was just to light a fire somewhere. I was not saying them to offend anyone or hurt anyone on purpose. I just wanted to say things that might be constructive. You know, help things along a little. I’m by no means an expert in any of this, but I do know what others in the fishing industry are saying and doing, especially in Florida.

At the end of the day fishing, especially fly fishing, super especially the saltwater fly fishing, is a pretty small market. It is not a big battle ship that takes massive efforts to change things. Florida “IS”, the saltwater fly fishing mecca after all.  I can’t think of any where else to start the positive growth than right here in my home state. (dammit, now I sound like Obama!) Anyways, you get my point. 🙂


Speaking of fly fishing  and getting it to grow, my South Andros primer part one went over pretty well. If you look to the left  of the website, the S. Andros Primer which only has one photo, is in the top 10 most read thread on Saltyshores since I have put it up. This is excellent! It shows interest in fly fishing there, or even just day dreaming about it. The links I put up into the article concerning clothing and such gets clicked. Yes people actually cares.

The primer is very basic and full of first hand information. You know, “real facts”, “useful information” great concept. I know like tons of people that has gone to S. Andros Bahamas and  most like it so much they prefer to keep it a secret.  This is great that the fishing is so awesome that they like to keep it a secret, but for the guides, the lodges, the growth of the sport, it kinda sucks.

Which brings me to full circle again. IMHO, you have to make it interesting and fun for the younger generation to want to get involve. Sharing cool trip information would be a great start. Perhaps it can pull some kids of the video games and go out side a little.

With the internet, guys like me and a handful of others finally has an outlet. Outlet for ideas, thoughts, sharing the fun and maybe just maybe, help a few people get through the day. Crazy concept!

I’m definitely not doing this for the big dollars. I do this because I like it. I get to meet cool people and go to cool places. Every now and then, I get gigs that helps with the expenses.  Shooting products photos, videos, weddings, and commercials.

By the way the part 2 of the South Andros Primer is coming soon. I got it about 75% done.

” The Travel, the food and the lodging”

Here are some of the travel photos from the trip: