2010 Fly Fishing conclave in Orlando photos

I was over there at the Orlando outfitter’s fly shop for the Simms night. I got check out all the new gear from Simms that is due out next week. They get some more micro fibers, new face mask, sun gloves, and arm covers. They are also more Florida/Saltwater orientated this year. They took out the trout and replaced it with a Tarpon in many of their new Saltwater Series Gear.

By the way the Orlando Outfitters shop was a very nice shot full of all kinds of tying materials.  Very clean, very modern look that goes a long ways when you are fly shop. First time I have been there and it was impressive.

The conclave, though as lame as the title sounds had some cool stuff there. If you wanted to test new fly rods out, if you want to check out the latest reel, if you wanted to learn to tie all kinds flies, if  you wanted to learned how to cast better and if you wanted to network with people in the fly industry, this was the place to be.

On the other hand if you were trying to sell products there the attendance was very lacking.  It is stilling going on tomorrow so lets hope more people show up as it will be Saturday.

It’s actually a pretty nice event if you are into fly fishing this was awesome. There were technical Clothing there at 40-60% off, there tying material at discount prices, there were fly lines up to 75% off. Plus if you wanted to learn something it was very informative. Too bad no body knows about to take advantage of it all.

I don’t know who said it, but “The silence was deafening.”

Here are some shots I took of some stuff  I thought was cool. All the photos were shot with no flash with a cheap $120.00 lens.  It’s the best $120 lens ever the Nikon 50 mm 1.8 lens. Super fast and awesome in day light.

Awesome spider fly. I  would be scared to cast this thing.

Permit Candy?

Galvan Fly Reels Have not seen many of these in stores but they are competitively priced and seems pretty well built.

The upgraded Nautilus FWX. Still super light weight.

Imported reels. CNC aluminum, retails at $140.00

The ever popular Tibor reels. These are the new Signature series with sealed cork drags. They will be available in December.

The brand New Ross F1 reels. Race car brake technology into fly reels. Lots of carbon.