Sea Level Fly Fishing, Foam Collapsible Stripping basket


While at the Fly Fishing Conclave… I did notice a flyer going around that caught my eye.

Under the section, cool new fly fishing gadgets, I thought this was a very good idea.

A EVA foam stripping basket for those windy days. Since it’s foam you can crunch it down into a hatch or even travel with it.

At $115.00 it’s not as expensive as the ones that are available now.

Not sure who carries them locally in Tampa Bay area, but would love to check them out.

Sea Level Fly Fishing


Today,  I sent them an email asking if there was any local retails shops in the Tampa bay area so I could actually go check one out.

I have not heard back yet but I’ll let you guys know once I get a response and if there are any local shops that carries them.

11.30.2010: No reply hopefully it’s due to the holidays.

update: as of 1/2/2011: The new year is here and still no reply at all., I’ll shoot them another email the end of January.